You get all the people in your church to lie to the pianist and sneak around in a highly covert operation! 

This woman is super sneaky.

This is Sue’s (church pianist) sister.  She is quite possibly the best covert operative that we have.

You can’t pull something like this off without the help of your music minister who has stealth ability like a CIA agent. 

I didn’t want to be left out of all this debauchery as the Pastor. . . . I felt I should lead the way.

I even got other local pastors to come be apart of our collective deception. . . take this guy for example.

Former music ministers have nothing to lose as they help spin our web of deceit.

This woman used fraudulent information to further our plot. 

Local politician. . . . need I say more?

Kasey and Matthew (if that is their real names) were superb in bestowing great honor on Sue. 

All of this so that we could present our pianist with a commissioned piece of music written by her favorite pianist (Mary McDonald).

I’m glad all this secretive, covert, spy stuff is over.  I am now going to spend some much-needed time at the altar.