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Okay, been a while.   I am coming out of blogging retirement and shaking the dust off my keyboard to tell all 3.25 of you that read this blog why I think you should attend the Tennessee Baptist Convention this year. 

10.  Free Stuff.  Really, I rack up at least a dozen pens, a sack full of candy, and the occasional flashlight in the “exhibit area” every year.

9.  Everything I have ever learned about parliamentary procedure I learned at the annual meeting.  I go every year to hone my skills.  For real though. .  . I have ninja-like Robert’s Rules of Order skills! 

8.  Reading material.  I like to collect the vast amount of informational brochures, magazines, books, and flyers.  I proudly display these items in my church office to appear smarter and better connected than I really am.

7.  Nomination speeches.  I am waiting for the phrase “better than sliced bread” and “smarter than a 5th grader” to be heard while describing a candidate. 

6.  New this year. . . a 5k run.  I am just praying that the cardiac care unit from Vandy is on hand with a defibrillator to revive our “pot luck” filled pastors.

5.  “Other Business”.  This is the dangerous category of the meeting that follows all pre-determined business where we let any credentialed messenger come to a microphone and say, literally, whatever is on their mind.  Think I’ll come to microphone # 4 this year to make a motion that we ban the word “pastorium” from our collective Baptist vocabulary as it sounds just a little too much like crematorium. 

4.   I like being refered to as “credentialed”. 

3.  Name tags that identify everything I have ever done in Tennessee Baptist Life since I was on the cradle roll.   

2.  Dress casual vs. formal suit and tie guys.  As usual I will be scanning the crowd to see if we finally go over 50% dress casual. 

1.  Of course the best reason to go is that God is working through our convention and I just want to be a part of it.  I’ll see ya there!


(Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust is the avenue that leads us out of doubt. 

devastating storms in Tennessee and the Southeast.  If you would like to make a financial contribution to the ongoing efforts of TN Baptist to aid disaster victims you can do so HERE.



Estimated  3.5 diapers every day (3 .5 is very conservative) x 365 days per year = 1,2775.  1,2775 x 6 kids over an average of 3 years = 22,995.   

This means we have changed 22,995 over the past 14 years.  Diapers that range from a little wet to really NASTY!!!!  From that sweet newborn poop to the toxic 3-year-old who should already be potty trained!  We have spent over $5,000 in diapers and I don’t even want to think about how much money we have invested in wipes.  Seems like a lot of stink and money to wade through doesn’t it?  Parents do a lot of things that are gross , take time, sap our energy, and are not very cost-effective. 

Why do we continue to pour ourselves into these kids?  We change diapers, clean up the vomit, and pay extravagant prices for dance lessons we know they won’t keep up with.  Why?  Answer .  . we love them.  We know the investment is worth it.  We know the time, energy, and money we are putting in has real value.  We understand that love, nurture, and discipline are necessary for our kid’s development into mature adults.   We gladly pay the price so that they can thrive.  

We have almost graduated from diapers at our house. . . . except for one hold out.   Diaper expenses have all been rolled over into school books, gymnastics, karate, reptiles (my son owns two snakes), toys, groceries, clothes, etc. etc.  etc.  I have found that they are worth it so I gladly write those checks.  I delight in my kid’s progress so I don’t complain.   Reminds me of how much God must love to watch us learn, grow, and function as His children.  The price God paid for us is unspeakable.  The benefit of His love is unmeasurable.  I am glad to be His. . . . adopted by grace (Eph 1:4-5).

Hey. .   one of my kids made some progress this week in Karate.  All of those dollars.  All of that time spent for lessons.  All of that gas money going to and from the dojo paid off when he broke this board. 

I know I am raising the next Chuck Norris!

This article is about Ministry Killers.   Check this out!  Click Here

How do you measure the love of a wife?  Should we use a point system of some sort?  Maybe we could let the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) guys have a crack at it.   If Gary Chapman were here he would talk to us about our spouse filling up our “love tanks”.  My tank is located in my stomach, as I generally run on high octane stromboli.   The truth is that there is no themometer, barometor, speedometor, tachometor, or yard stick for measuring the love of a wife. 


Maybe love should be measured during the times when great sacrifice has been demonstrated.  Maybe love can be properly measured when extra miles have been walked.  Maybe the barometric pressure of your marriage can be seen in the moments when she lays aside her opinion, tastes, and preferences for her husband’s.


Love should be measured when your wife, who generally openly mocks your propensity toward country music, buys you third row tickets to the Grand Ole Opry.  Maybe love should be measured as she goes beyond the call of duty and sits beside you through two full hours of pure country gold.  Maybe love should be measure when she even smiles, for your benefit of course, when Little Jimmy Dickens cracks a corny joke.  Oh yeah. . . . SHE LOVES ME!


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