(Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust is the avenue that leads us out of doubt. 


How will 3 thousand Tennessee Baptist Churches impact 3 million lost people in Tennessee?  Our churches have 3 options

1.  Stay the course with little or no impact. (do nothing) 

 2.  Tweak our evangelistic programs  and be satisfied to add a few here and there. 

3.  Transform our members into people who proficiently and personally propagate the Gospel where they live everyday.  

We must pick option 3 if we are going to make a real difference.  We have expected little of ourselves in recent days.  We have treated God as if He was some sort of small anemic deity who is barely hanging on.  We have experienced little power because we have passively practiced our faith.  It is high time that we expect more from the transformational power of the Gospel.  It is past time that we multiply through evangelism believing that God can transform the sinner.  3 thousand churches can make a deep impact on 3 million lost people because it is God’s desire to save.  His desire is that none should perish.  He didn’t even withhold His only Son so that redemption could be possible.  His plan is that we (we meaning all of us) go. 

I am excited about the fact the Tennessee Baptist Convention just brought on Bobby Welch to develop, coordinate, promote and equip Tennessee Baptist churches in a statewide strategy of church planting, church revitalization and evangelism.   I can’t wait to see how God will use Dr. Welch but hiring one man will not reach 3 million.  I am sure Dr. Welch will inspire us and instruct us along the way. . . . but only the obedience of 3 thousand Baptist Churches will make a real difference. 


This is Cottage Grove’s redneck missionary to Puerto Rico.  I thank God for him!

Check it out HERE!

Today is my bride’s birthday.  She continues, after an undisclosed amount of years, to capture my heart every day.  She deserves to receive great and awesome gifts today. . . and yet I know that she will give today far more than she will receive.  The picture below is just one of those gifts.  She is an extraordinary photographer.  I get to relive moments like the one pictured below because she has photographed and documented almost every event in our lives.  When I forget how blessed I am I began flipping through the mountain of photographs that my wife has taken.  We will celebrate her birthday today but I am the one who has been blessed by the preacher’s wife.         

Read Alvin Reid’s article HERE.

devastating storms in Tennessee and the Southeast.  If you would like to make a financial contribution to the ongoing efforts of TN Baptist to aid disaster victims you can do so HERE.

I like things that come in two’s:  Two shoes.  Two scoops of ice cream.  Two lumps of sugar in my coffee.  Now. . . my Bedda Boo comes in at two. 



43 kids.  2000 eggs.  100 future cavities.  Last week our church invited our community (a function of ACROSS TN) to our Easter egg hunt and to our Easter worship service.  result: 4 new families came today with their children to hunt eggs and hear the REAL Easter story. 


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